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Rob McNair

301 Fulling Mill Rd.
Middletown, PA 17057-
Phone Number (717) 944-5541
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Company Description

The new ALS Middletown laboratory expands our environmental testing services and enhances workflow efficiency through optimization and miniaturization initiatives. Additionally, the new 35,000 square foot facility provides for increased capacity and improved turnaround times to better serve all clients. ALS is excited about the opportunities the new laboratory presents and look forward to better serving our customers.

ALS is your preferred partner for reliable environmental analysis and exceptional support to oil and gas operators, midstream companies, consultants, homeowners, and regulatory agencies. The ALS commitment to exceeding client expectations, hard work, continuous improvement and doing it better are evident in our wide range of services from start to finish.

  • Pre-drill survey
  • Spill/Release Response
  • Management of Drilling Fluids
  • Management of Drill Cuttings
  • Responsible Party Determination
  • Acrylamide Analysis by HPLC

And the wide range of ALS routine sample matrices round out our capability to service clients:

  • Spill and Emergency Response Samples
  • Private Water Supplies
  • Waste Characterizations of Drill Cuttings, Muds, and Sand
  • Residual Wastewater from Production and Frac Flow Back
  • Ambient Air
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Operator specific studies for Frac additives & treatment processes
  • Hydrostatic Water Characterization

Right Solutions, Right Partner.

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