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Sandbags, LLC

Keith Stephenson
National Sales Manager
4301 South Valley View Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
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Phone Number (702) 724-9999
Phone (855) 800-7263
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Product Description

Sandbags, LLC is the industry leader in manufacturing and filling of high quality sandbags for the Construction, Pipeline Development, and Disaster Response Industries. We offer several types of bag materials, in various sizes and with various aggregate materials used to fill bags.

Sandbags, LLC offers On-Site On-Demand, high quality, filled sandbags for your needs. We can mobilize to your location or ship to you direct from one of our strategic storage locations. A standard sandbag weight is 40 pounds but, if requested, can be more or less. 100 standard filled sandbags are stored in our convenient bulk bags.

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