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Texla Energy Management, Inc.

Sterling Cummings sterlingc@texlaenergy.com
Mark Conely markc@texlaenergy.com
1100 Louisiana
Suite 4700
Houston, TX 77002-
Phone Number (713) 655-9900
Email 1d0e7662-a587-4983-88e1-1950fdca00e2
Internet http://www.texlaenergy.com/
Company Description

Texla Energy Management is a one-stop-shop for energy marketing and wholesale natural gas marketing services. With over 25-years experience in energy marketing, our value-added approach delivers the crucial resources for securing the highest market price for your production.

Texla's team provides dependable and innovative services to a wide array of natural gas consumers, suppliers, pipelines and storage facilities. Our unique business model utilizes our extensive industry experience and advanced analytical capabilities to provide reliable and competitively priced service in 26 states.

Market Liquidity
Texla's business model creates liquidity for our trading partners, even in the most illiquid markets that we serve. Our success creating liquidity for our trading partners has helped expand our footprint from Texas to Massachusetts.

Responsive Support
With constantly fluctuating natural gas prices, production, and demand, a reliable trading partner is crucial. Texla's team members are available 24/7 to help manage our trading partners' needs.

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